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"Your scale is a measure of your weight, not of your progress"

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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey Larabars!

I love larabars and I love anything lemon flavored. What I don’t love is Larabar’s magical ability to drain my wallet so I made my own. I added in oats two thicken up the bar and to decrease the nut content so they are a bit lower in fat. 


-juice and zest of one SMALL lemon. use half a lemon if your lemon is big.

-2 tbsp shredded coconut

-1/4 cup cashew

-1/2 cup dates

-5 tbsp rolled oats


1. blend cashews, dates, coconut, lemon zest and juice in the blender until smooth.

2. scoop out batter and knead in oats

3. roll out into a long rectangle

4. cool in fridge for one hour until firm

5. cut into 8 bars.

Each bar is approximately 100 calories. 

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Looking back at my food posts and I REALLY want to make these again. dorm probs. SUMMER COME FASTER

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Really not feeling physics, or history, or any of the shit load of stuff i have to do today. So I’m just gonna sit here, and play with my water bottle. 


So Spring has finally decided to arrive in B’more so I decided to go running outside today. Ran down to the harbor, Fed hill, Little Italy, and back. Woke up in a really shitty mood, so the chilly air and sunshine was definitely what I needed. Hell week next this week, time to hit the books. 

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. This semester is CRAZYY. I’ve never been so sleep deprived, stressed, and worked so hard. 



Hey guys! I’ve been cleaning out my closet and selling some stuff on ebay. I just listed this NEW WITH TAG Under Armour workout tank. It’s totally new, never been worn. It’s usually $23.00 retail price but I’m listing it with a starting bid of $11.99 with FREE SHIPPING. It’s in perfect condition; I’m only selling it because it’s not really my style of workout clothes. 

Check it out!



mantra for a bad body image day: today I couldn’t see my abs and it didn’t make me matter any less.

I needed this today

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The bragging was the worst. I hear this in schools all over the country, in cafés and restaurants, in bars, on the Internet, for Pete’s sake, on buses, on sidewalks: Women yammering about how little they eat. Oh, I’m starving, I haven’t eaten all day, I think I’ll have a great big piece of lettuce, I’m not hungry, I don’t like to eat in the morning (in the afternoon, in the evening, on Tuesdays, when my nails aren’t painted, when my shin hurts, when it’s raining, when it’s sunny, on national holidays, after or before 2 A.M.). I heard it in the hospital, that terrible ironic whine from the chapped lips of women starving to death, But I’m not hun-greeee. To hear women tell it, we’re never hungry. We live on little Ms. Pac-Man power pellets. Food makes us queasy, food makes us itchy, food is too messy, all I really like to eat is celery. To hear women tell it, we’re ethereal beings who eat with the greatest distaste, scraping scraps of food between our teeth with our upper lips curled.

For your edification, it’s bullshit.


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left is me flexing my abs, right is me relaxing my stomach. this is after a normal day at school, my tummy full of healthy and nutritious food. i get enough fiber, i get enough protein, i get enough carbs, i get enough of every essential vitamin and nutrient. so why does this happen?

meet my awesome, amazing, super helpful gastrointestinal tract. it helps me digest food and absorb nutrients, expanding in the process. it only makes sense that my stomach would be so ‘bloated’ looking because there is food in my stomach. healthy, awesome, delicious food sitting in my small intestine and being carried to my stomach. how fabulous is that? my entire body is one big beautiful physiological biorhythm. eating disorders shouldn’t tell you otherwise, because after i’ve had ample sleep, i’ll wake up like the photo on the left after my gastrointestinal tract has finished digesting the food i ate the day before. new concept, i know.. crazy, eh?

god bless this post. that pooch is not “stomach fat” it’s called having organs and intestines hahaha

I love this so much. A good reminder that our stomachs are MEANT to stretch and hold food

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